I’m Keith, a  retired Physics teacher.  I initially ran just for fitness and to ease away daily stresses when I did teach.

Inspired by the exploits of my daughter and son-in-law I have become an 27 times marathoner, with plans for many more.

I have completed a project, to run 26 marathons, in alphabetic order, each in a different country, starting in Athens at the end of 2013 and finishing in Zurich in 2017


I have now started running ultras, completing 4 of the XNRG Extreme Energy multi-day events this year. I have run just one Centurion race, the NDW50 and do hope to run more of them next year.


parkrun 21.53 Riddlesdown 2 May 2015
5 miles 38:30 National Lottery Olympic Park
10k 49:06 ‘Run Through Wimbledon Common’ 16 June 2013
Half Marathon 1:44:26 Brussels 5 October 2014
Marathon 3:51:27 Istanbul 16 November 2014

Notable finishes

3rd place 60-65 Bacchus Half Marathon 8 Sept 2013
3rd place 60-65 Bermuda Marathon 18 Jan 2014
3rd place in 65+ Podgorica Marathon 25 October 2015
3rd place 65-69 Treviso Marathon 6 March 2016
2nd place 60-69 Guernsey Marathon 24 August 2014
2nd place M60+ Ostravsky Marathon 6 September 2015
1st place 65-69 Midnight Sun Marathon Tromso Norway 20 June 2015

1st Brit to finish the Kharkiv Marathon…actually the only Brit to run the Kharkiv marathon!


7 responses

  1. Hi Keith. My wife and I met you briefly in a restaurant in Tromsø where you to us about your goal. I’ll be following your exploits and look forward to reading about your experience of the Midnight Sun Marathon. It’s a small world so you never know, our paths may cross again at another marathon.

    Good luck next week!!


    1. Hi Billy It was good to met you in such an amazing place. Thanks for your best wishes for Saturday, I have just ‘finished’ the Midnight Sun by posting my blog on it.

  2. Hi Keith. Tromso turned out to be a tough run, holiday marathons usually do for me. Do you have “R” picked out yet. I notice there is a Reggae Marathon in Kingston, Jamaica, on 5 December! I would love to do that but have our annual Ironman on that weekend. Anyway, good luck with your quest. Regards Dan (Australia).

    1. Hi Dan
      Yes I do have my R marathon booked and it is The Reggae Marathon. I think it will be tough.

    2. Hi Dan
      Reggae marathon done, so hot, a real struggle, but now onto S!

  3. HI Keith, sorry we did not link up after you hauled me through to the end of the Vic Falls marathon. Thanks so much for your inspiration and encouragement. I was so whacked at the end that i saw you wonder off into the throng. Hope your ankle heals and good luck for marathons W -Z. Cheers, Geoff Thomas

    1. Hi Geoff, it was great to be able to run with you over the 2nd half, believe me you were just as much help to me as I might have been to you! I saw you were running with what I assumed to be your children at the end, and I very quickly got ‘swallowed up’ by people saw my age on the bib, and asked about my running. I was even filmed by a US sports organisation, there should be something on YouTube in the near future. Am looking to get a doctors appointment about the ankle, and have booked up Zurich. Good look for any future marathons you run, please do keep in touch. Cheers, Keith.

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