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I’m sure that all runners have been scared/nervous/apprehensive before at least one run, maybe the first one that was an ‘official’ timed one.  Certainly I was before my first half marathon, and my first Parkrun.  I sure a few nerves before a run are too bad, as long as there are toilets readily available before the start!

But I was scared before my 2 runs this week.  On Monday it was a distance that I run to get to my normal Parkrun, but a route that just goes round the block, 4k.  Today it was a run that I have done more times than I can remember, a couple of years ago I used to do it almost everyday, although I added a bit onto the end today to make it 10.6k.

CaptureHowever I was  ‘running scared’ because these were the first real runs I have done since picking up an injury during Janathon, and two weeks today I will be in Jerusalem to run a half marathon.  I really have been wondering if I should/will be able to run it.  I’m haven’t entered for any particular reason, I decided to go over to keep Mr Marathon Widow company for his 65th marathon, as I have never been there before, and the run seemed the obvious thing to do.  The full marathon wasn’t an option, I’m not ready for that distance…yet.

Anyway, I didn’t know if my thigh would hold up.  But I felt I had to give it a go; I couldn’t go to Jerusalem without some idea of my chances of finishing. I actually stretched before setting out, strapped the appropriate thigh and I went out on both runs intending a steady jog rather than run; but I am not really used to trying to go slow.  So when I looked at my Kalenji on Monday and saw the time was only 2 minutes more than than my normal time for the route I was quite amazed.  My thigh did become a bit stiff towards the end, but nothing to cause me any real concern; I iced it just as a precaution.  Today was a bigger test, half the distance I should be doing in 2 weeks.  As with Monday, I didn’t focus on the leg at all, I was more busy watching every step of the way and every possible hazard, the uneven surface, pedestrians, dogs and cars.  The one thing I had to avoid was sudden stopping. Well I successful did that, finished comfortably and again surprised myself with 58:58 for 10.6k. There is no indication from the thigh that it is complaining about the trip out, so I now have to decide how many more runs, and what distance over the next two weeks.

And even more scary, I do remember the original Roy Orbison song Running Scared with the almost appropriate first line “Just runnin scared each p(l)ace we go”



Just when you thought it was safe, and Janathon was over, here is another offering from me

My Janathon stats.

  • Running 125k
  • Cycling (exercise bike) 225k
  • Walking 86k
  • Swimming 1k

What was good about Janathon, what went to plan?

  • A triple Parkrun on New Year’s Day
  • Janathon runs on 3 continents, Europe, Asia and Africa
  • 2 Janathon runs on  the same day on 2 different continents
  • Discovered how great/useful an exercise bike can be
  • The equivalent of 2 marathons in the first week
  • Starting blogging

And the bad

  • Thigh strain on the day 17  that put a stop to running (apart from on day 23 which I had to do the achieve the 3rd point above; but I shouldn’t have done it!
  • Not running at least 180k, 100 miles, in the month
  • Only running 9k for the last 2 week

The most fun?

The ‘mock’ Riddlesdown Parkrun on day 19

So, a question for you all, if you had to choose one song, either title or lyrics, to sum up your Janathon, what would it be.  Mine is the title of this blog.


You twisted and tore our legs apart

Night running through the dark



Well, the ending I had planned was going to be fitting for the start, I had intended to run twice as far as I did on day 1, so a marathon. But if you have reading my blogs of the last 2 weeks you’ll know that could not happen.  But the good news (for me, anyway) is I left the house at 9.40 this morning, returned at 11.00 this evening and I spent at least half of that time on my feet, with no ill effects.  But I had to do something to count as a Janathon activity  and it will come as no surprise to anyone who has read my last half a dozen blogs that it was the exercise bike. I rode for the last 14 minutes of the time available for Janathon, and at midnight the distance I had ‘covered’ was 7.10k.

So that’s it. Janathon is over. I have no regrets for accepting the challenge, and even though I did not run every day (and unless I had only planned a few k every day that was never going to happen) I did exercise every day “the boy kicked out at the world, the world kicked back a lot f***ing harder”.  I will not be attempting a Febathon, but see no reason why I shouldn’t start planning for Juneathon.