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Bacchus Half Marathon

This is run on the same day as the Marathon du Medoc, and is its English equivalent, held at the Denbies wine estate, Dorking in the rolling Surrey Hills. As last week at the Kent Coastal, I was dubious as to whether I should be running it because of a foot ‘niggle’. But again the thought of the medal and the technical T, the design of which I had seen before the race, was too much to resist (but I am suffering now, I am icing my foot as I write this). The start time was friendly, midday, with the full at 11.00.  Although in previous years it had been very sunny and hot, the conditions this year were much more conducive to running, with just one heavy shower that didn’t last too long and some parts of the course missed it all together. It might not be an easy course,a majority on trails, but it is certainly one of the most scenic and it has WINE at all 7 refreshment stations together with the more traditional liquids and a brilliant selection of nibbles and gels. Many of the runners embraced the fun aspect of the run which lead to a wide variety of fancy dress costumes.My Activities 08-09-2013, Elevation - Distance

I made a conscious decision to start at the back of the pack, where I spotted someone wearing a Comrades T. We actually ended up running most of the race together and would have crossed the line together if he had not stopped just before the end to grab his 2 young children and run through the finish with them. But a big ‘thank you’ to you, Grant. It was great to have someone to chat to on the way round, but more important over the last couple of miles, particularly the downhill 2 miles at the end which should have been easy, as what I now know is metataralgia was causing more pain than I care to remember, your company kept me running. I will look for your progress when you do the return half of the Comrades next year. B1

When I checked the official results, I was amazed to find I was first home in my age category! And as I didn’t know this after the race I wasn’t at the awards ceremony (I was getting changed in the toilets). But I can pick the award up from Run to Live in Ashtead which I certainly will, many thanks to them for making it available.

Actually a strange occurrence took place while I was getting changed. I had balanced by medal and some clothes of the toilet roll dispenser.  When I picked up the T shirt to put it back on I heard a clang which must have been my medal hitting the floor.  When I looked for it a few seconds later it was no where to be seen.  I looked through the gap to  the adjacent stalls and the door but it was nowhere to be seen.  I finished getting dressed and then waited for the occupier of the only other stall that was in use to appear (after a surprisingly long amount of time) and asked if he had seen it. Maybe I wasn’t too surprised when he said “no”, he was highly unlikely to produce it from his pocket and say “Oh you mean this, I was wondering what it was and who it belonged to!”. Well things turned out OK because I found Mr Superman, organiser Alan Burrows who did not hesitate to send me to get another one, a big thank you for that.DSC_0007[2]

There seem to be many other blogs about this race, much better than this and containing some great pictures; try life.laura.london‘s.  Of course I must mention my daughter, Cat, and congratulate her again; marathons on consecutive Sundays and podium finishes in both! Of course. I cannot forget Jon her husband who is responsible for getting her into running and completed marathon number 82 on Sunday.

It should be very clear from my ramblings that this is a race (or walk if you want) that you should must do. I will certainly be watching eagerly for the opening of registration for next year, the way it is growing it will may become over subscribed and I wouldn’t want to miss it.