Entry confirmed for the Jerusalem half on 1 March.

For Christmas 2010 my daughter gave me an entry to the Croydon half, make you own minds up about that as a present!  For the next 3 months I carried on with my solitary 10k – 14k ‘evening’ (anything up to 11.00 pm) runs.  The only one that was any different was a morning run, with my daughter in early March along the Thames, about 16k.

So when 3rd April came along being on the starting line (well, 10m behind with other 2:00 – 2:15 hopefuls) in warm sunshine to tackle 21k was disconcerting.  The first lap went (too) well; adrenalin and the challenge of keeping ahead/overtaking those much younger than me sent me at too quick pace than I should have been at.  The long steady 1.5k climb after 12k at the beginning of the 2nd lap took its toll and after that even the slightest incline was  difficult (euphemism, insert your own more appropriated word).  But encouraged/bullied by my daughter, who also ran, I kept going and managed to stumble over the line and achieve my sub 2 hour target.

Croyon half end


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