DNS. Common sense prevails , at last.

I entered the Brussels half marathon 6 months ago, bought my Eurostar tickets and booked a room for the Saturday night. Before each of the last 2 half marathons I ran, 4 and 5 weeks ago, I had considered not starting because of my foot injury. Maybe I made the wrong decisions then, because I ran both of them.

20131007_165521_resized_1But not this time. I did collect my bib with its chip, and it is still sealed in the envelope. I had paid for the technical T so I also collected it, but of course now have a dilemma. How can I justify wearing it?

I ended up watching my son in law run his 85th marathon, chasing him around Brussels on the metro and trams, eating mussels and drinking a few of the local beers. I actually walked for more time, and a greater distance, than I have in total over the past 4 weeks.

20131006_141439_resized_2I am sure that if I hadn’t an even more important race coming up I would have forced myself round. But I do have to do a marathon before the year is out, and I am entered for 2. I think I may well be sensible again, and decide to do the 2nd, Athens (in 5 weeks) rather then Amsterdam in 2 weeks.


2 responses

  1. Good for you! the smarted is always the most difficult decision!

  2. Never an easy choice but the mussels look very nice. Good look for the marathon

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