The longest taper?

I did my last race, a half marathon, 3 weeks ago today.

I have the Amsterdam marathon in 3 weeks time.

I have not run, or walked more than essential small distances, in the last 3 weeks. It is likely that I won’t run, but hopefully I will be walking more extensively, over the next 3 weeks.

Hence, in effect, a 6 week taper.

The reason? Even before my last race I was suffering with a pain in my right foot. It had appeared 4 weeks previous to the race. It was intense immediately after runs, but gradually faded over the next 5/6 days.

I ran over the next 3 weekends, including 2 half marathons.

After the Bacchus the pain was much worse and did not go away.

I had it X-rayed and a stress fracture, from 4 weeks earlier was diagnosed.

“Six weeks since your last run before you can expect to run again” I was told by the doctor.

That would make it on the day of the Amsterdam marathon.

Earlier this week recovery was seemed to be almost non-existent, and I was very down.

Then I discovered another marathon, 3 weeks after Amsterdam that would fit my plan nicely, and was still open for registration.


Should I enter? It certainly would be at the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum from the flat Amsterdam course.

The maybe necessary extra 3 weeks recover won the day so the registration, flight and hotel were booked.

Of course sod’s law immediately came into play, and my foot seemed to start to recover much more quickly.

The question might now become, should I run Amsterdam if my foot is OK or should I just wait for Athens.

And if I do Amsterdam, should I then also go for Athens, even though it is bound to be even harder going after run one just 3 weeks earlier.

And if things seem OK this time next week am I going to be stupid and run the half marathon I have entered in Brussels?

It is going to be an interesting next 3/6 weeks.


2 responses

  1. mmm, difficult one.. may be best to go for Athens?

    1. Yes, this is the sensible choice, unfortunately I don’t always seem to take the sensible option!

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