Sometimes just running isn’t enough

OK, we all like running

and we all like eating

and we all like drinking

and dressing up can also be fun.

So put them all together and what do you get? BEERATHON.

Why would you not want to do this ‘race’? What did it involve?

Start 1.00pm at the Hoop and Grapes, run 1 mile anticlockwise loop back to the pub.


Hop and Grapes

Beerathon route

Beerathon route

Eat and drink the first slobstacle, a chocolate cake and pint of stout.

Run mile number 2 around the same course, then down slobstacle number 2, a samosa and a pint of bitter. My gluten free requirements were catered for…with a 2nd piece of chocolate and orange cake.

After mile number 3 a Cornish pastie and pint of lager were waiting; something had actually happened to the gluten free items they were expecting, so a 3 piece of chocolate and orange cake was consumed.

Mile 4 and the final slobstacle, a pork pie and a pint of cider. And you have guessed by now, my 4th piece of chocolate and orange cake (by all accounts, preferable to the pork pie).

But there was still another mile to do to complete the whole event, although this wasn’t compulsory. I did plod round, chatting to Easter Island and Greenland;  (not quite a fast as my previous 5 miles in the Olympic Park, 2 weeks earlier, in  38.30; this was nearer to 2 hours).

The awards at the end were not totally serious, various random categories as well as the first home (someone dressed as a monk); ‘David Seaman’ (without pony tail)  was the unanimous winner of the fancy dress. I did get one, for being the only gluten free runner there. And my ‘prize’ was…another piece of chocolate and orange cake; I did have to pinch a half pint to swill it down. Other competitors were asked to guess what my fancy dress (a jesters outfit, a coat – worn all the way round – , a guitar – carried all the way round –  and crowns) represented which corrected led to the outbreak of a few lines of ‘American Pie’.beerathon3 Met some great people there,  Nicola and Tracy (who traveled down from Manchester for the run) Beerathon1 And even a medal! DSC_0009[1] The whole event is organised by David Hellard, who has set himself various challenges this year to raise money for Street Child, including leading the Virgin London Marathon at 400m


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