I’m sure that all runners have been scared/nervous/apprehensive before at least one run, maybe the first one that was an ‘official’ timed one.  Certainly I was before my first half marathon, and my first Parkrun.  I sure a few nerves before a run are too bad, as long as there are toilets readily available before the start!

But I was scared before my 2 runs this week.  On Monday it was a distance that I run to get to my normal Parkrun, but a route that just goes round the block, 4k.  Today it was a run that I have done more times than I can remember, a couple of years ago I used to do it almost everyday, although I added a bit onto the end today to make it 10.6k.

CaptureHowever I was  ‘running scared’ because these were the first real runs I have done since picking up an injury during Janathon, and two weeks today I will be in Jerusalem to run a half marathon.  I really have been wondering if I should/will be able to run it.  I’m haven’t entered for any particular reason, I decided to go over to keep Mr Marathon Widow company for his 65th marathon, as I have never been there before, and the run seemed the obvious thing to do.  The full marathon wasn’t an option, I’m not ready for that distance…yet.

Anyway, I didn’t know if my thigh would hold up.  But I felt I had to give it a go; I couldn’t go to Jerusalem without some idea of my chances of finishing. I actually stretched before setting out, strapped the appropriate thigh and I went out on both runs intending a steady jog rather than run; but I am not really used to trying to go slow.  So when I looked at my Kalenji on Monday and saw the time was only 2 minutes more than than my normal time for the route I was quite amazed.  My thigh did become a bit stiff towards the end, but nothing to cause me any real concern; I iced it just as a precaution.  Today was a bigger test, half the distance I should be doing in 2 weeks.  As with Monday, I didn’t focus on the leg at all, I was more busy watching every step of the way and every possible hazard, the uneven surface, pedestrians, dogs and cars.  The one thing I had to avoid was sudden stopping. Well I successful did that, finished comfortably and again surprised myself with 58:58 for 10.6k. There is no indication from the thigh that it is complaining about the trip out, so I now have to decide how many more runs, and what distance over the next two weeks.

And even more scary, I do remember the original Roy Orbison song Running Scared with the almost appropriate first line “Just runnin scared each p(l)ace we go”


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  1. You are on your way there by now, I hear. GOOD LUCK, but most of all, HAVE FUN 🙂 !!!

    1. Thank you. It was ‘fun’ but very hard work. Too many HILLS, so glad to have actually been able to start it, never mind finish; and am very happy with 2:05 on such a demanding course.

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