Thigh hamstring support

Yet again…just a 4k walk and 30k on the exercise bike to a film.  I really am finding it hard not running, at least because of Janathon I am keeping exercising which I probably wouldn’t have been without it.

Although I have exercised every day for the last week, (and everyday of Janathon, if the definition of exercise is any activity you do raises the heart rate above that you would have if you had just followed your normal everyday routine) I haven’t run during the last 7 days.  Read Day 18 for the reason why. Well now my Neo-G thigh and hamstring support has arrived I have a decision to make.  When to I start running again?


Rectus Femoris

The convention wisdom, i.e. the information gleaned from Google, is 3-6 weeks after the initial injury for a Grade 2 strain.  An interesting post on Runners World was: “Hi, three weeks ago I strained both my quads. I went to a sports doctor this week and she said it is strained. Just walking is pretty painful.”  Well it is 2 weeks since my injury, which is a grade 2 strain of the Rectus Femoris, and I now get no pain during normal activity, walking on the flat and up/down stairs or on the exercise bike.  I am doing some of the physio exercises suggested, also without the sharp pain I experience at the initial injury and during general movement over the 3/4 days afterwards, in fact with no pain at all.

So I want to know if any of you have been in a similar situation, so I can compare my recovery rate with what you might have had. I am due to be running a half marathon in 30 days time, and I will run it.  But I would like to get back on the road before the day. Of course I don’t want to go out too soon and aggravate the problem.  So can anyone pass on their experiences, please.

After the star spotting for by myself and Cat last night, my son decided to get in on the act tonight. He sent me a text just after 9.00pm saying he had just seen a shooting star of something “in the north” (he was in London). A twitter check of #meteor has confirm quite a few sighting, mainly in the north of the county  just after 9.00pm.




2 responses

  1. I would concentrate on healing and getting better. If you re-injure yourself during the half marathon, you’ll be out for possibly much longer. I have a lot of pain from some ultra events. I have, for example, extreme difficulty walking up and down stairs and need both hands on railing and walls, and sometimes I just fall on the floor at work because my legs don’t work. Those are some good DOMS and set in two days after an event. I rehab by doing deep tissue massage, maintain healthy diet, stay off pain medication at all costs – I hate pain meds – and take baby runs. If I tear a muscle, I rehab it slowly, remembering to stretch before (easy) and after runs (easy), do some core work, do yoga focusing on full range of motion and not ultimate extensions, and stay away from sugar and anti-histamines. Do the half at a comfortable pace. Consider it training for your next adventure. Obeying injury is the hardest part of running, but it’s worth it. 🙂 I dunno, that’s how I roll. Good luck. Hope you recover nicely.

  2. Thank you for this very sound advice, you are very right, I must see the half as the part of the recovery rather than a goal in itself and enjoy the sights as I run past them. I suspect at my age recovery will take longer than the norm anyway. I agree about the pain meds they just give you a false impression and are likely to lead to more trouble. Yoga focusing is an interesting suggestion, something else I’ll look into!

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