Day 28: 28 DAYS LATER

Can you look back to 1st January, the start of Janathon, and now 28 Days Later remember all of those zombies you have run away from? I suspect many Janathoners have been battling there own personal demons over the past 28 days, and everyone has, in their own way and with different degrees of success, overcome them.

2012_09_17_thepoke-exams-597x1024It came round to 10.45pm and I hadn’t been out of the house today.  I can’t remember when I last didn’t leave the house at any time during a whole day.  Not because I was being lazy but I was actually working.  I might have retired from teaching, and been very glad to get away from the daily marking, but now I can do it and get paid for it; yesterday another session of A Level Physics marking began and it does help to pay for trips to places like Zanzibar. This will go towards the next holiday, as yet undecided where to go, looking for inspiration at the Destinations Show this weekend.  Any suggestions?

OK, while it was hammering down I had done my 28k on the exercise bike (watching Robot and Frank, a harmless enough film, amusing in parts but I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it at the cinema.) And of course there were the (almost) daily sit-ups, push-ups, ab-crunches and plank, the latter surprisingly causing some discomfort in the thigh, so nowhere as long as yesterday’s 3 times 3 minutes. Anyway, as it had stopped raining at 10.45pm it was old trainers and coat on for the almost compulsory 4k walk around the block. When walking the music has to be very different to running, and Pulp are excellent, no pace in the tracks, and words that can easily be heard. Help The Aged seemed particularly suitable, “Can’t run away from yourself, yourself, your se se se se se se se se self.



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