PR 26.1

Blinded by the light.

Saturday started off as any good Saturday should, at a Parkrun (Riddlesdown). But unfortunately I wasn’t running this week, still not risking my thigh, so I did a volunteering stint. I actually felt very frustrated watching everyone ‘enjoying’ the run in the snow; all I have ever known at Parkruns is MUD.  But it is rightly part of the Parkrun ‘code’ that everyone should ‘volunteer’ as well as run, so at least I could do a session when I couldn’t run rather than missing a run when I could actually do one, if that makes sense!

Being an Aussie, I took out Australian citizenship when I lived in Sydney for 11 years, an Australian marathon should have been the order of the day.  Of course the main exercise would have involved lifting the forearm repeatedly a short distance while the hand clasped a cold liquid filled container. But I am afraid I let my adopted country down.  Instead I did 42.2k on the exercise bike, this time watching something British, the last 2 nights episodes of Silent Witness.  That was preceded by a 4k walk, and they are allowable under Janathon regulations.

Not very exciting, I do hope to yet another real run in before the end of the month.


2 responses

  1. you did 42 after all 🙂 hope your thigh is better soon!

  2. The amazing thing is elite marathon runners can do a marathon in not much more time that I did on the exercise bike!
    have been reading on-line and it suggests 4-6 weeks before really getting back into proper activity, which is going to make final preparation for my half on 1 March difficult.

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