The one film I had taken with me but didn’t get to watch on the plane was ‘ Seven Psychopaths’ so I decided to watch it tonight during my Janathon activity on the exercise bike. I wondered how many km I could do while watching the film.  About half way through I did a quick mental calculation and realised that I was going to be very close to a relevant distance.  In fact I reached the exact target, 40.23k just as the the real credits had been playing for less than a minute (and one of  my favorite songs from my youth, P.P.Arnold, The First Cut Is The Deepest, was playing again, it also started the film). Then I sat down to write this blog and realised I had got it wrong. 40.23k is 25 miles, and I had thought today was the 25th hence it was a clever distance to do.

But of course it is only the 24th.

But it is just over 24 hours since we arrived home, already heat of the Tropics is a fading memory. But I do have something to remind me, a peeling arm and shoulder.




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