A very early start for me, but I suspect many other Janathoners see 5.45am regularly. The initial part of today’s plan was to test out my thigh by running backwards and forwards from a smal bay, Turtle Beach along the path that stretches in front of the hotel along the main beach; it seemed more sensible to use the path than running on the beach itself.


Shangri La runI started just as it began to get light, about 6.10am, hoping to do 5k at a steady pace. It all went to plan, I did get ocassional pain in the thigh, enough to let me know to be careful but not so much as to stop me. It gave me a good appetite for the outstanding breakfast the Shangri La produces, which included gluten free pancakes with maple syrup and cream.
Then off to the airport for the flight home, annoyingly it was showing a two and a half hour delay as was walked into the departure terminal, and that might stuff  up the rest of today’s Janathon plan…
When our plane touched down at Heathrow at 8.45pm I didn’t give myself any chance of completing a second run in the day. But when our luggage was waiting as we arrived at the carousel so we could catch the 9.30pm bus the chances improved. I walked in through the front door at 11.35pm, and out again at 11.45pm to mutterings of “totally mad” or something similar. I only had time for a very slow trip to the roundabout and back, 2k, and I had to run all of the way on the road as the pavements here are not clear. A shame I wasn’t able to fit the 5k I had hoped for, just for the sake of symmetry.
As I was actually up at 1.45am UK time for the first run of the day, I am shattered. No sleep at all on the plane. Janathon continues.


2 responses

  1. You are nuts! but good on you

  2. Exactly my wife’s thoughts!

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