now you know your time has come.
And it has, our last time day away from the cold and ice.



The first activity probably is a negative Janathon count, a lazy river ride. But I cannot work out the Physics of it, a continuous loop of flowing water carrying the rubber rings and passangers around, it defies me after happy hour of free rather than 2 for 1 drinks.


Next, in all of the time I have been running I have never used a gym. But as the facilities here are completely free, and I wanted to test my injured thigh. So before happy hour I managed a gentle 2k run at 11k/h. Very strange on a running machine, didn’t liked it I didn’t feel in control of my running. It couldn’t determine which aspect of my running was causing the pain in my thigh. But when I had finished there were no residual effects, but I am not sure I want to risk a proper road run as soon as I get home…with ice to cause added problems. Will I be able to do a Parkrun this weekend?



2 responses

  1. A little bird tells me the injured thigh is thanks to too many Serengeti beers??

  2. No! Too many and I would have fallen and probably been ok!

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