Day 21: 6*

A really good greeting when we arrived at the hotel after midnight to find out we had been upgraded to a suite in the exclusive region of the complex, recognised as being a 6* hotel. Today’s Janathon was an activity I haven’t undertaken for at least 40 years, kayaking. It wasn’t too difficult to get back into it, the only drawback was too much sun on the shoulders. I went 5 times across the inlet and back, which would have been a total of about 1.5k.


I was going to give the fitness centre a try out tonight, but the complimentary minibar won instead. We made a very difficult decision today. We had contacted our travel organiser to see if it would be possible to extend our stay in Muscat so as to keep away from the freezing UK weather for longer. Of course it was, but at almost the cost of another complete holiday. So reluctantly we have decided to have just one more day out here, before returning to the challange of completing Janathon on snow and ice, and a house where our son has blown up the microwave!


2 responses

  1. It’s going to be a chilly welcome home 🙂

  2. enjoy! looks amazing

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