Have had to fit in what small amount of Janathon activity I can today before breakfast as we are flying out of this Shangri La today. So it was a 1k walk along the beach followed by 200m in the pool. Not much I agree, but there will be a few thousand km in the air, if I flap my arms really fast can I have a few of them?
Zanzibar airport has a few advantages compared to Heathrow.
Firstly there is free wifi, it may not be brilliantly quick but it is better than nothing.



Secondly, things are so relaxed you can wonder in and out through the boarding gates onto the tarmac and take photos.






Thirdly, they sell cassava crisps and Safari beer.






Fourthly after showing your boarding pass you amble across the tarmac, without any direction or control, to the plane that you think is yours. As most of them are tiny, some just enough for a handful of passengers, spotting the Oman Air 737 was quite easy. And as we weren’t bused I have another 150m of walking for today’s total.
The first leg of the flight was the quickest between take off and landing ever. Zanzibar to Dar es Salam is about 80k. Most of the passengers left the plane there, they had come down from Oman. A bazaar practice occurred while we waited on the plane for a new crew and the rest of the passengers for the main leg back to Oman. One of the cleaning crew moved from front to back, taking off the ‘used’ headrest covers and putting new ones on. A few minutes later a different cleaner moved from the back to the front, taking off the new ones and putting other new covers on.
We arrived in Oman just before midnight so the only other Janathon activity was carrying my backpack from the luggage carousel to the car that took us to our hotel, The Shangri La.

SRL muscat


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  1. Enjoy! Sounds like an amazing holiday 🙂

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