Having become addicted to Parkruns over the past 5 weeks it is only right that at 9.00am UK time today I set out on one.


Planning the route

The course was mapped out yesterday, the design based on my local run at Riddlesdown on the southern Croydon/Surrey border.Injury report: The right thigh is still stiff and painful if stretched too far so my actual method of travel over the course will be severely restricted.Weather report: There is a blue sky with a few wispy white clouds, a cooling breeze from the north and the temperature a warm hot 30+ degrees C.


Course conditions: The sand is fine and firm, but runners must be aware of occasional sharp shells or large holes used by crabs;the wet right-angle turn at the far end of the course which has been known to produce fallers in the past will present problems if care isn’t taken.


Crab hole


Wet turn


Tree root







There are also random obstacles along the way, such as the remains of the base of a coconut tree, but mosquitoes are not expected and today no-one is accompanied by a dog.







Special running gear required. Swimming shorts, sunglasses, no footwear.




The short walk from the car park a.k.a our room gives a good view of the beginning of the course.





As is the situation every other week, because of the Moon’s gravitational pull, there is a water hazzard at the start.





The track through the trees just over half way through each loop was mud free but care had to be taken as there are viewing areas with tables and chairs available for runners who need a break, or spectators.






The finishing line was directly in front of the bar, and I refuse to make any suggestive  comments about that well-known cocktail being available after the run.


The volunteers were provided with welcomed shade, however because of the lack of the usual recording equipment runners needed to make their own timing  arrangements.






Massage facilities were also provided.








The distance







One circuit of the course was just under 1.5k. So I did it three times, and added an extra bit to the final lap to give exactly 5.00k as I crossed the ‘finish line’.

I can report that the time was, of course, a record for the VM60-64  category, or indeed any age catagory for this ‘Parkrun’ and I can confidently predict it will never be broken.


2 responses

  1. Great photos! Loved the underwater fish in your previous post, as well! It’s almost like being there… except that it’s 25 °F (-4 °C) outside my door (NH USA). I won’t be seeing any crab holes or beach lounges today, but the hot cocoa here is very nice 🙂

  2. Excellent indulgence of parkrun addiction.

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