Although this is our 5th full day here it is the first time I have actually blogged from the beach, sitting under a reed woven sun-shade; but as I am immobile I do need something to do. But first I did catch up the the very latest episode of HIMYM, so now we know when and where Ted meets his wife, but not exactly who it is, can there possibly be a twist at the end? I do love the technology that allows me to be away from my home country, using a tablet, to download a program a few hours after it was first shown in the States.
Today the plan had been to hire bikes and ride as many km along the beach as we could. Then return and do an open-water (The Indian Ocean) swim, followed later (when it cooled down) by a few k run. However last night’s happening has put paid to everything.
It was as if the ‘knee incident’ reported yesterday was a premonition.
Here’s why. On the was down the stairs, after dinner but not in the slightest incapable, I caught the toe end of my left shoe on the last but one step. The last step is actually very wide, and I landed VERY heavily on my right leg. The pain in my thigh was  instant, sharp and lasting, and the language appropriate. inappropriate I knew immediatly it wasn’t the kind of thing I normally run off. I was brought a bag of ice which I applied for quite some time. I struggled back to our room. It took a long time to get comfortable enough to sleep. Things were easier this morning, but swelling was obvious. The right kind of slow movement was possible, but any kind of sudden movement of the right leg resulted in pain. Two cocktails on the bar list seem very appropriate, I should have had ‘Mind your Step’ last night and ‘Damage’ would seem appropriate for tonight!

So here I am with no prospect of running in the near future. But because everything is now an effort even a walk to the bar can be claimed as Janathon exercise. I will be trying a walk along the beach later in preparation for a planned day 19 activity tomorrow which will be heavily cut back.


The beach bar


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