The 3 Ss of holidays are usually sea, sand and sun (add or substitute the 4th if you wish.) But Janathon 3 Ss today have been snorkeling, swimming and shell collecting.
The snorkeling involved a short boat ride to the Blue Lagoon. Does every (overseas) beach have one of these? The hour and a half certainly did exercise both the body and the brain, watching so many amazingly coloured fish and remembering not to breathe in when diving to the sea bed.


Shell collecting wouldn’t normally be classified as a worthy Janathon activity, but as it replaced laying down under a thatched roof avoiding the sun, it would have lead to an elevated heart rate so must be exercise.


The 3rd S was the real Janathon counting activity. 20 lengths, various strokes, of the hotel’s infinity pool. If we take the name literally, and I log 20 x infinity for today then if there was a competition for the greatest distance during Janathon I would surely be in for it. (Of course the more mathematically ept of you will immediately point out that 20 x infinity does actually only equal infinity.
Another milestone today has been the self-removal of the dead, black big toe nail on my right foot. I did it back in June last year when running the Croydon 15 mile (it was actually a 30 mile ultra but you were allowed to just do a ‘ultra half’.) This is now the first time I have been black toe nail free since I can’t remember when.


2 responses

  1. No black toenails? Whatever next? Baby soft feet?

  2. Monkey urination? A pleasant switch from reads about snow in UK, HA! 🙂

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