I’m having such a good time… But I wasn’t sure early on. During the night I thought I was in for a long break from running. I am 98.5% certain I didn’t dream it. I started to turn over, from my side to my back, and there was an excruciating pain in my right knee. I was convinced something was tearing or being pulled from its attachment. All movement stopped. I slowly eased myself onto my back, and started to bend me knee, stopping half way because I could feel pain. I lay there for I don’t know how long before again slowly trying to bend me knee which I successfully did. I slowly straighten and bent it a couple of times, with only slight niggles. I drifted off back to sleep but the event was clearly remembered. In the morning there was nothing to suggest anything was wrong, and I am totally puzzled.


Out of the hotel at 8.30am (no, I didn’t do an early morning run) and not back until 6.30pm. First stop The Jozari Forest, to see the endangered Red Colobus monkey. Didn’t know if they wanted to see us, but they certainly did, one was too excited he urinated all over me! It was a 2 hour walk, very humid but the Kalenji couldn’t find satellites so no idea how far.
Next was the Spice Farm, for 2 and half hours (including a tropical downpour). I wish I could climb the coconut tree as well as the locals, it would be a great Janathon score.


Next was Stone Town, for some eye opening/watering details of the slave trade; then finishing with a visit to the home of Farrokh Bulsara from 1946 to 1964, better known to you and me as Freddie Mercury. Almost 3 hours but less than 3k walked.


On the drive back suddenly a vision of what I can only assume were Zazibarian Janathonians. About 50 red clad runners on the road in front of us, all less than 20, running with great ease, maybe the national junior athletics team in training?
I really wanted to do something useful when we got back, but it was pitch black and after yesterday a beach run was out of the question. So the steps up from the beach seemed the solution. 10 times up and down the 59 steps did the job.
A great way to prepare for a couple of bottles of Safari.


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