The cosistancy of the sand on the beach is the finest I have ever seen, more like  talcum powder tham sand. However is was quite windy yesterday evening when the tide was high (which actually made conditions very pleasent for just sitting around in the open doing anything,especially eating. The  combination of the high tide and wind seemed to redistribute the sand and there was some coarse sand nearer the high water mark.


By starting out the same time as yesterday the tide water wasn’t as high so I managed the 5k. It seemed like really hard work but on finishing and checking my watch it was still 1:45 half marathon pace. But, barefoot running for a second consequative day on thr now coarse sand has not done my toes any good, and I will need plasters to run again. Stupid x 3.
Maybe I should stick to snorkling for a while. Did 2 hours today, totally stunning. It was almost 40 years ago when I first snorkled, and that was on the Great Barrier Reef. At present I have only looked at a small section in front of the hotel. When I get to The Blue Lagoon (Thursday?) I expect The Barrier Reef will be eclipsed.
Some of what I have so far seen.





3 responses

  1. Bet you wished you were here in London!

  2. It’s snowing here, you’re missing all the fun!

  3. That’s a lot of sea urchins – watch your poor sand damaged feet! And as they say in Essex, ‘well Jel’ (I think that’s the espression anyway – I’m from Glasgow

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