NO, no, no. I have just deleted the origina of this. How can I get it back? I can’t so I will try to remember what it said and rewite it.

14 hundred hours UK time is 17.00 local time. As things had cooled down a little by this time, and there was also a pleasent sea breeze my first every bare-foot beach run seemed appropriate. I set of full of good intentions to do 5/6k. And I had the warm weather running gear bought last week (see day 11). The sand was firm and very fine and it felt great to be running as nature and evoluion had intended for us. However it was science, more specificaly the gravitational pull of the Moon, that thwarted my good intentions.
I was less than 2k along when the almost high tide resulted in me running out of sand. The waves were crashing against the wall so there was no choice other than to turn back. This actually wasn’t too bad a thing, as the just under 4k was plenty under the conditions. How on earth do runners do marathons when it is like this?


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