The plan today was to get to the hotel late afternoon, and after checking in do  5k beach run followed by a swim to cool down. During this time I was planning to enjoy (but not too much, I suspect) the 30 degree C difference between the situation and the Riddlesdown Parkrun 24 hours earlier.
The plans unravelled half way between Oman and Zanzibar, a 5 hour flight, when the captain announced that because of a technical fault we were turning back to Oman. It doesn’t take too much mathematical ability to realise this alone would make us 5 hours late and adding another to deplane, wait for a new crew then board a new plane and my Janathon plans were wrecked. However I could claim that I walked 80k! By walking up and down the plane for 6 minutes, one tenth of an hour, with the plane flying at 800 km/h (500 mph) I would have actually travelled 80k during that time. I don’ t think the most generous Janathoner would give me that, however.
So all I can claim for today are the 30 steps I took rather than using the esculator in transit between arrivals and departures; having said that as I am writing this just 30 minutes into the 2nd attempt to get to Zanzbar maybe I will be able to do something else before midnight, depends which time zone I choose to work on.
It is now half past midnight here too late for anything.


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  1. I think that counts!

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