Today I had the clasp replaced on my Kalanji (see Day 3).  The time to get up there went quickly (I was actually watching Django on my tablet – don’t ask – at the same time as the advert for it went by on the buses!)  Pleased to discover the exit at Canada Water that was almost next to Decathlon, rather than the one I used before which was a 10 minute walk (I wasn’t counting this towards Janathon).

It took over half an hour to have a new strap attached, a matter of waiting for the person who could do it to come back from lunch, finding the tools, puzzling as to where the new pins were (only for his ‘assistant” to return with them) then fitting and removing it 3 times, wondering why it didn’t give the same fixed attachment as the other half of the strap did. But eventually it was returned to me.

Then into the main store, there was a sale on and I needed some warm/hot weather gear to take away with me TOMORROW.  I’m not sure how long I ended up in there , MUCH TOO LONG.  Of course it was my own fault, too much to choose from, and I decided to get some cold weather stuff as well as it was in the sale.  At the check out I was offered one of their cards, and as I will undoubtedly spend much more there in future, I went for it.  The automatic card printer, attached to their pc based application system, didn’t want to work.  It took 2 reboots of the pc and a few choice words before I had my card.  In the meanwhile my stuff had been put through the check-out, but someone else was going through with quite a bit of gear.

topBack home in just over 4 hours, a respectable marathon time (but which I am aiming to beat sometime this year.) Took everything out only to find the top I really wanted WASN’T there.  I hadn’t been charged for it, which is actually a shame as I could have insisted they post one to me, but of course it would have been too late to take away.  I am just so annoyed with myself for failing to check before leaving the store

The whole trip had taken up so much time that I am struggling to get out for a run.

I haven’t started packing but stuff it, got to do a round-the-block if nothing else today.

And done.

1 gritting lorry

2 foxes

3 fast food deliveries


And not forgetting the half-an-hour hoovering as well.

Now what shall I take for 12 days away, as well as my running gear?



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