When I first heard of janathon and decided to participate I decided it would be an extra challenge to try to do something different everyday (not just a slightly different distance).  I really was stuck for today but eventually…

I knew I would be walking today, and the same pub trip as last week.  But so that I could claim to have done something different I walked home rather than there.  It was 10.39k and this fitted today’s plan.  (But it is more difficult walking back, I’ll leave you to imagine the problem that gets more acute, after a few pints as you get nearer to the end of the trip …)

The second stage actually gave me the idea for the whole thing.  Just before going off to the pub I spotted the latest episode of Modern Family was available from the US, last night’s episode;  I left it downloading so I could watch it and work on the exercise bike when I got back home.  I reckoned I could do 10k whilst it was playing.  Actually I was just under 1k short, these US 30 minutes programs are in reality only 20 minutes long.  But I did keep going to complete the 2nd ’10’ of the challenge.

The third leg was a bit less obvious   Of course it should have been a 10k run, but I was too late to be able to do that, as it was past 11.30pm.  I decided the ’10’ should be time not distance, but not on a single activity.  And not running, but ‘exercises’.  (I know one person reading this won’t believe these but she doesn’t know I have been doing them a while!)

  • First a standard plank. That gave me 4m11s of the 10min I needed.
  • Ab crunches next, rather than counting the number, again I just went for a time, I did them for 1m59s (of course I did count the number, 150)
  • Side planks next.  Right side 2m12s and left side 2m1s
  • Total time: 10m23s target achieved!

Day complete.  Need to think something up for tomorrow.  Suggestions please.


2 responses

  1. HAve you done a Fartlek yet this Janathon?

    1. Not yet, I normally would each week, but with a long run on Day 1 the other long runs on Saturday and Monday night I have decided to not put my legs through it. I suspect they will be have to be after my trip away, as it will be too hot when I am away, but maybe that would be a good challenge!

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