This seemed like a good idea when I thought of it, just do 1 run but by straddling midnight it counts for 2 days of janathon.  There were decisions to be made.  Which days to use and more importantly how far or for what time.  For the purpose of symmetry, which is a key feature of the Standard Model,  the run had to be equally spaced around midnight  As it would have been difficult to run exactly the same distance before an after it seemed more logical to run for 1 hour before and 1 hour after.

Where should I run?  In the past I have just run ‘out’ for and hour, then turned round and come back.  but I didn’t really want to be (maybe) 10k from home then have to come back.  I could run down to a nearby roundabout, then come back and keep repeating that.  It was tempting, but it is very boring, and a reasonable slope down then up.  So I decided to run my usual evening walking route, which it 4.0k ‘exactly’.  So as I now have a running top with a pocket (thank you to the author of The Diaries of a Marathon Widow) music at the ready at the stroke of 11.00pm off I went.

runAnd now back after 2:00:00 hours, I  managed to stop the Kalanji  to the EXACT 1/100th of a second  probably the most surprising thing on day. After the efforts on Day 5 I would have been happy to complete 5 circuits in the 2 hours, so I was surprised to be there in 1:49 and complete the 21.1k in 1:55.  Need to get 5 minutes (at least) off that for Jerusalem in 7 weeks time.  But I doubt I would have done the distance twice  before in 6 days before that run!

I feel justified to have a large cup of 2 heavily buttered slices of fruit bread now, very tempted to do a fried egg and bacon sandwich but resisted dirtying the kitchen too much at this ridiculous hour.

An the title of today’s blog?  To run for 2 hours tonight, and kill 2 birds with 1 stone to count today and tomorrow; too far? too right! To listen to Ross, Ryan and Gary Jarman (the Cribs). This is to much, off to bed.

If you don’t know The Cribs, YOU SHOULD. Try this favorite track, ‘Don’t you wanna to be relevant“.


7 responses

  1. Very impressed, but not sure I could follow in your steps. Great effort.

  2. Very efficient use of time. I would be too scared to run at this time in East London, unless I was running away from something…

    1. I leafy Surrey it’s more a matter of chasing foxes up the road.

  3. This is such a good idea!

  4. you are brave!!

  5. Fantastic idea!!!

    But I will still be asleep tonight at 11.

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