Is there anyone undertaking Janathon also working at Dryathon, if so, why?  My (misplaced?) logic is that if I run/exercise everyday of the month, I can drink MORE than I would normally do.  OK, too much will be detrimental to my performance, but my training at present isn’t too focused on a particular race, the Jerusalem half is still 8 weeks away, so I’m not too concerned.

After 21k yesterday, the thought of running today is too daunting   So it seems a good time to use Janathon to really get one over on Dryathon.  The plan is to do some considerable walking AND visit a considerable number of establishments that will readily provide me with refreshing liquid.  So find a road on my local bus route, for easy access to and from home, decide where to start, then drink and walk in a repetitive manner. Straightforward. Purley to Croydon is the obvious choice, and my OH also thinks it’s a good idea so will accompany me.

IMAG0116After an outstanding  duck cooked in homemade (not by me)  marmalade we set out at a good pace.  A Wetherspoon’s  and Smith & Jones were first up on the list and quickly dispatched.IMAG0118

Things progressed well until we met a barmaid, in the Earl of Eldon.  We were the only ones in the pub.  She was Polish and we had visited Poland, particularly Gdansk which she hadn’t.  A long conversion ensued.  Time slipped by, valuable drinking time ebbed away (we had agreed on just one drink in each pub).

Things became a bit of a rush after that.  We are at least 4 pubs away from the centre of Croydon when “last orders” were called; I thought that was a relic of my youth xx years ago.  We had to admit defeat after only 6k, but still worth recording and certainly a resounding victory over Dryathon.

Bring on tomorrow.


4 responses

  1. I’d toyed with dry january too but as I had a glass of mulled wine halfway through my day 1 run, I figured one thing at a time!

  2. This is a great post .. I just wish I drank more than abut 10 units a year or I’d be joining you!

  3. Totally agree with the logic. I however have to cut back a little because of the extra 6lbs i’ve picked up from somewhere!!

  4. I have cut out alcohol for the month of January.. My thought is that by combining Janathon with cutting alcohol and eating healthy – I can drop the weight I want to faster.. Then keep running, eat/drink what I want and stay where I want weight-wise!

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