This wasn’t exactly what I was planning for today, but I had to do penance for forgetting to make a phone call yesterday.  I was supposed to arrange to collect anti-malaria tablets from a supermarket for next week’s holiday, but I forgot.  I’m not actually too sure why it was my job to make the call, I did book the flights, hotels etc and if I’m really honest, actually decided where we were going!  Anyhow, if I hadn’t spent so much time doing an analysis of the reflection in the mirror in the shootout inside Skyfall (Physics, one of my other obsessions, and still my day job), I might have made the call then I could have collected the tablets as part of yesterday’s Janathon, as I walked past the Tesco on the way to the pub.

So rather than a shortish run, with a few 200m sprints in the middle, it was a 14k round trip, along the incredibly boring A23 from Carterham to Purley.  The only redeeming feature of this route is that it isn’t too taxing; it’s reasonably flat with no major roads to cross.  But it is BORING.  I can remember the first time I did this route, a few years ago; it was the furthest I had ever run at that stage, and I was euphoric about it.  But not now.  At least it was satisfying to get some ‘he’s a bit strange’ looks as I wondered around the supermarket in running gear.  As an aside, if you want Malaron tablets, Tesco pharmacy does seem to be as cheap as anywhere.

k1Even more annoying today, however, was the clasp breaking on my Kalanji (Garmin equivalent).  The holes that the pin fits into have such a thin strip of metal surrounding them it isn’t too surprising it has actually broken.  So it will be a trip to Decathlon asap, I do need to take it away with me next week or how can I get my Janathon data?  But that could be expensive, as their range of running gear is bound to be too tempting to resist, especially as there is a sale on.


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  1. Could you just bring it to a watch repair place? Might be cheaper.

  2. Have had it less than a year, so will be under guarantee.

  3. Or use a rubber band…nothing feels as good as a bodged bit of kit! Taking it with you might not be the worst bit – blogging away from familiar surroundings always gets me!

    1. Tablet all set up with WordPress ready for holiday, main problems will be the wireless it’s only in the main building and we are in a garden cottage nearer the beach.

  4. Can you get by with a running app on your phone until it’s fixed? I must admit since I started using apps on mine I haven’t actually dug my Garmin out of the drawer…

    1. I used to use Cardiotrainer on my phone, but now like not having to take that out with me, and for some reason the distances given by the GPS watch are much more accurate. I’m sure a bit of string hold it together, if necessary, can’t see the distances being too great, it will all be along the beach and it will be too hot to go too far!

  5. I love wandering around the supermarket on a freezing cold day covered in sweat in nothing but T-shirt and shorts, people think sweat makes you deaf as they chuckle just loud enough for you to hear but not far enough out of ear shot for you to miss it. I will to my girlfriends disgust wear my FiveFingers out shopping and enjoy it when people just randomly stop and stare or comment without it being said to you. I freely admit that I do this to annoy and amuse people but then my FiveFingers are bright yellow … great running by the way

  6. Nothing as minimalist as FiveFingers for me, I need real cushioning to be able to survive. Can’t imagine running would be comfortable on uneven surfaces?

  7. When I’m not struggling w/bodily breakdowns (lame foot), I’m struggling with gear. I have yet to figure out how to “carry” my Trio (like an iPod, but much cheaper) while running without pockets in summer. All the armbands sold for such things don’t fit my device, only designed for iPods! For a while, I was using an elastic headband twisted 3x around to keep in on my wrist… so you are not the only one looking ridiculous at times 😉 Keep up the effort! Good luck besting technological or mechanical setbacks (& malaria). Physics guy, I’m certain you of all people can manage better than most of us 🙂

    1. Used to listen with musics via my phone, using Cardiotrainer app as well; but had to carry the phone, so the time I fell I was so busy protecting the phone I did myself extra damage. So now I run without music.

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