OK there are 2 reasons why I won’t be running today.

Firstly, a bit of a lame excuse?  My trainers are still very wet from the Parkruns of yesterday, and the new pair I ordered just after Christmas haven’t arrived yet.  I certainly won’t be using the new ones for Parkruns, am trying to decided on a suitable pair for trail running.  Suggestions please.

P1030687 trainers

Secondly, the real reason.  I need to let the limbs recover, particularly from the two 5k runs at Riddlesdown which is very different and more demanding than my normal road work.

Capture1I did manage a sneaky 4k walk very last night, so I am claiming that for today.  But also I have received a pre-planned summons to the pub, to start to use the latest batch of CAMRA Real Ale 50p off vouchers which start today, and this has given an excuse to ignore the bus and do a reasonably paced walk.  It isn’t the nearest pub, but the burgers are OK and they are happy to use my own gluten free rolls.  So another 10.4k  is added to Janathon.

But… it’s now 10.20 pm, my trainers seem to be dry, limbs are lubricated and I really would like a short run around the block…and so another 4k is now logged.

But why do some w**kers seem to think it fun so slow down and stop in their car, wind the window down as if to ask a question and when you slow to help they then just drive off?


2 responses

  1. Wow, I’ve had people stop to ask me questions – but haven’t run into that one.. That would REALLY have the potential to put me in a bad mood – except for the fact they wasted more of their time, then they did mine!

    1. But is wasn’t as bad as being egged, as I have been twice in the past!

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