For Christmas, my two sons produced gifts that showed unusual originality of their behalf, but that were remarkably similar and could, unwittingly, cost them in the future.

full-mapMy elder son gave Scratch Map, a map of the world where all countries are covered with a layer of gold foil.  As you travel you are supposed to scratch away the gold foil layer to reveal facts and city details of the countries below.   But it can also be used to record countries already visited, and as we have already been to many that we certainly will not revisit, this is how my wife and I will use it.

TravelogueMy other son gave me Travelogue Travel Journal, which is suggested for someone to plan and record that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Now put these 2 gifts together and what do you get? A clear picture where we haven’t been, so the incentive to plan a trip, or rather trips, to see how much of the world we can uncover before it covers us.

And that will undoubtedly be costly and mean a smaller inheritance for the boys, and our daughter who sensibly bought me running gear!


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