I don’t run everyday, not because I don’t want to but my muscles/joints do need time to recover (I’m not actually OCD about running, but could become).  However when I uploaded the latest runs from my Kalenji (Garmin like device) I already knew I had ‘beaten’ my previous month best, but didn’t know that I was so close to a milestone, in fact a milestone and a kilometrestone.

2012 run Although I always think/run distances in km rather than miles (a habit coming from more than 30 years of teaching Physics) I do mental conversions when it might be useful, and knowing 156.02k for December is so close to 100 miles (100 miles = 160.93k) the chance to do my first 100 miles in a month was tempting.

Also, the total since I started using the Kaenji in April was a remarkable similar distance away from 1000k  there was a double reason for a run before the end of December.

So even though the trainers were still very wet from yesterday’s Parkrun (very wet trainers + dry socks = slight less wet trainers + very wet socks) it had to be done.

Only a short gentle run was needed, so I chose the first part  a usual route, which leads to a park where I do hills or sprints and also an aerodrome which I use for longer runs.

Result.  100 mile I wasn’t obsessive enough to do exactly the distance needed for either of the goals.  year

Now a day to relax before Janathon.


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