As part of the Janathon guidelines is to blog everyday about the “run or form of exercise” done each day I thought I’d get in early, not about what I am doing today (waiting for it to stop raining) but why I am doing Janathon.


First, it has actually given me the incentive to start this whole blog thing.  I have been intending  for some time to do one for a Physics resource service I run for schools, but because it isn’t essential that hasn’t got off the ground…yet.

Second, because I can.  Being ‘retired’ I have the luxury of being able to pick any time of the day or night to run/exercise.  If I know I am going to be out after midday I have the morning to use.  If it is raining heavily (or at all) in the morning I can put things off until the afternoon.  But, of course, sometimes there won’t be a choice, such as for Parkrun, but that can be factored into the planner way ahead of time.

Third, to really kick-off the preparation for my first official marathon.  I haven’t decided where or when that will be yet, but it won’t be before April 14, my birthday.  I know Brighton is on that day, and it would be an ideal one to do, less than an hour’s straightforward train trip from home and very runner friendly.  But when I first decided and checked it there were only charity entries still available, and the charity I would want to raise for (Afasic) isn’t on their list and I don’t want to cajole friends into donating to another (equally worthy) charity.  Any suggestions for a runner ‘with-aging-joints’ friendly marathon?

Fourth, (yes, I know all good arguments/debates use just 3 points, but I’m going for quantity not quality here) I will be on holiday in Zanzibar and Oman for almost 2 weeks in the middle of the month, so even if the British weather does its worst, with 2 metre deep snow, temperatures of -15°C and force 12 winds during the time I am away, I will smugly be able to Janathon (yes, it’s a verb as well as a noun); if those weather conditions hit at any other time I as well as most others will need a plan B.

Fifth, it could be fun!  I don’t normally run every day, on the non-running days I tend to do a couple of 4k walks around the block.  So I am intending to be creative and think of some other (free) things I can do to exercise when I’m not running.  I do have a few in mind, but other suggestions are welcomed.

Sixth, it will be a challenge!  31 days is a long time to do anything continuously, there are bound to be the odd days when CBA tries to take over or something else suddenly comes up and before you realise it’s 11.59 pm.  What to do then?

Seventh, just to be bloody minded.  If anyone suggests I’m mad, or my time should be used more productively, what better way to proverbially stick up the middle finger!

Eighth, it should allow me to carry on with the bad Christmas eating and drinking habits that seem to have crept in.

Of course the one reason that I am not going to suggest is anything at all to do with New Year’s Resolutions, because  these are meant to be broken well before the end of January, and it might be too easy to break Janathon on 1st January.

So, these are my reasons why, what other reasons have you got for doing Janathon?


2 responses

  1. Good for you!
    (I’m not at all jealous about holiday or retirement – really, I’m not. Honest!)

    For me, Janathon is about international blogging stardom and obtaining the body of an Olympic athlete (albeit that of an Olympic shotputter, perhaps).

  2. If it gets to 11.59 go for a quick jog around your garden. It’s been done before and is a legitimate form of exercise 😉

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